Stanislav Schmidt & FREE SLOT
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 12:00
Seminar room (46/5081)
An N=1 Gauge theory and its 10d Dual

The original holographic correspondence relates the 4d N=4 SU(N) SYM theory with the AdS5 supergravity. It is interesting and useful to generalise the correspondence to theories with less supersymmetry. There are known examples, however sometimes naked singularities emerge in the bulk. These can be resolved in the full 10d theory by D-branes, but the uplift from 5d to 10d is non-trivial. We start with a deformation of the N=4 SYM by mass terms that preserve N=1 supersymmetry and work out the uplift, which puts us in the position to study the properties of the theory in detail.