Benoit Blossier
Speaker affiliation: 
Université Paris-Sud XI
Friday, January 30, 2015 - 13:15
Building 58 (Murray) - Lecture Room G (58/1023)
The role of Lattice QCD to test the Standard Model in the quark sector

Physics beyond the Standard Model can be tracked from direct measurements
at the electroweak scale, for instance by searching new particles
(Kaluza-Klein modes, supersymmetric particles, ...). Low energy processes
and rare events can also be highly sensitive probes of New Physics:
they are either mediated by virtual loops in which exotic particles can
circulate or they occur at tree level where new couplings can be involved.
In other words, flavour physics is very helpful to put stringent
constraints on New Physics scenarios. However any fruitful analyzis of
experimental data in the quark sector needs the knowledge of theoretical
inputs (hadronic form factors, decay constants) that encode the
long-distance dynamics of QCD, in particular the confinement of quarks and
gluons in hadrons. A perturbative approach to estimate them is not
satisfying at the present experimental level of precision; the best method
is lattice QCD. In this talk we will discuss recent works performed by the
lattice community that are particularly relevant in flavour physics and
tests of physics beyond the Standard Model: unitarity of the CKM matrix,
Delta F=2 oscillations, b --> s transition, anomalous magnetic moment of
the muon and b coupling to the Brout-Englert-Higgs boson.