Rafael Delgado
Speaker affiliation: 
University of Southampton (visiting NExT Scholar)
Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 13:00
Building 46, seminar room (5th floor)
A light Higgs in a strongly interacting electroweak symmetry breaking sector

According to last LHC data, a 125-GeV boson with properties compatible with the minimal SM Higgs boson has been found. This would make the SM unitary until Planck mass, leading to a meta-stable vacuum. And a mass gap up to 700 GeV has also been found. Is it all?

The minimal SM is weakly interacting. However, this is an exceptional feature which would easily break down if new physics were found beyond this mass gap. So, we have used an effective Lagrangian with three Goldstone bosons (related to longitudinal W bosons) and one light scalar, and explore its parameter space by using different unitarization procedures. For most of the parameter space, the EWSBS would be strongly interacting. And, for some regions, poles in the second Riemann sheet would appear at energies of the order of TeV's.

Based on arXiv:1402.0666 [hep-ph], arXiv:1404.2866 [hep-ph] and arXiv:1408.1193 [hep-ph]