Francesco Cordeschi
Speaker affiliation: 
Friday, November 24, 2017 - 13:00
Seminar Room
Precision physic at the LHC: introducing reSolve, a transverse momentum resummation tool

Since the early days of the Large Hadron Collider, a large part of the experimental effort was focused on direct searches for signals of New Physics; however, given the lack of any clear evidence for new phenomena so far, it is becoming more and more important to shift the focus towards alternative strategies. Foremost among these is a pursuit of precision in both our experimental measurements and our theoretical predictions, expecially considering that most realistic (and not already excluded) extensions of the Standard Model (SM) are compatible with only small deviations from the SM predictions, at LHC energies, for arbitrary observables. The transverse momentum spectrum is a particularly interesting observable for the precision program: in general processes, a majority of events is produced at relatively soft transverse momentum scales, and the physical behaviour at these soft scales is an highly nontrival prediction of perturbative QCD (and thus of the SM) which requires a resummation of logarithmically-enhanced contributions to all orders in the strong coupling \alpha_s. In this talk, I will introduce the new tool reSolve, a Monte Carlo differential cross-section and parton-level event generator whose main purpose is to add transverse momentum resummation to a general class of inclusive processes at hadron colliders. reSolve uses the impact parameter formalism, which is particularly well-suited to general studies. During the talk I will briefly review transverse momentum resummation in general, the peculiarities of its implementation in reSolve, and conclude commenting some of the possible phenomenological applications and future developments.