Thomas Cridge
Speaker affiliation: 
University of Cambridge
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 13:00
Seminar Room
Supersymmetric and Higgs decays in SoftSusy

I will discuss how to produce predictions for the supersymmetric and Higgs decays of susy models, having worked on the addition of a decay calculator to the SoftSusy spectrum generator program currently used for susy searches. The new version, softsusy-4.0, is therefore now able to provide all-in-one spectrum generation and decay calculation including all tree-level Susy 1 → 2 decays, relevant 1 → 3 decays, all relevant higgs decays including Zgamma, gamma gamma, glu glu, and crucially, all NMSSM 1 → 2 decays. The motivations and benefits for adding such decays to the program will be explained, along with how the program works, how to use it and some interesting scenarios the program can help examine. We hope the program will prove very useful to theorists, phenomenologists and experimentalists alike.