Nikolay Gromov
Speaker affiliation: 
King's Coll. London
Friday, June 7, 2019 - 13:00
Seminar Room
Derivation of the Holographic Dual of 4D CFT Fishnet model

We present the first-principle derivation of a weak-strong duality between the fishnet theory in four dimensions and a discretized string-like model living in five dimensions. At strong coupling, the dual description becomes classical and we demonstrate explicitly the classical integrability of the model. We test our results by reproducing the strong coupling limit of the 4-point correlator computed before non-perturbatively from the conformal partial wave expansion. Due to the extreme simplicity of our model, it could provide an ideal playground for holography with no super-symmetry. Furthermore, since the fishnet model and N=4 SYM theory are continuously linked our consideration could shed light on the derivation of AdS/CFT for the latter.

I will also comment on more recent unpublished results.