Howard Baer
Speaker affiliation: 
University of Oklahoma
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 14:00
Lecture Theatre A - Shackleton Building (44)
SUSY naturalness and implications for LHC, ILC, axion and wimp detection

I discuss electroweak naturalness in SUSY models and show that, if applied properly, then all three measures -- electroweak, Higgs mass and BG -- concur with one another. The essential feature of SUSY naturalness is the presence of light Higgsinos with mass the closer to m(h) the better. The expected spectra gives rise to a unique same-sign diboson signature for LHC but a definitive test will require ILC with sqrt(s)~500-600 GeV. In this case, the ILC would be a higgsino factory!
The perfectly natural Little Hierarchy might be a reflection of mismatch between PQ breaking scale and hidden sector mass scale fa<<m(hidden).
In this model, ultimate detection of both an axion and a higgsino-like wimp is expected.
A ton-scale noble liquid detector should probe the entire model since the lightest Higgsino always contains a non-negligible gaugino component.