Ulrich Ellwanger
Speaker affiliation: 
Université Paris-Sud - Laboratoire de Physique Theorique (LPT) & University of Southampton - Diamond Jubilee Visiting Fellow
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 13:00
Building 44 (Shackleton) Lect. Theatre B
Light singlino in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric SM: Challenges for Searches for Supersymmetry at the LHC

Present constraints on and future searches for supersymmetric particles are based on the signature of missing transverse energy. In the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric SM this signature can be strongly reduced. The underlying mechanism will be explained. As a consequence, scenarios with all supersymmetric particle masses below 1 TeV are consistent with present constraints. New strategies for the search for supersymmetry in such scenarios are presented, which include automatically searches for additional Higgs bosons.