Bhupal Dev
Speaker affiliation: 
University of Manchester
Friday, March 20, 2015 - 13:15
Building 58 (Murray) - Lecture Room G (58/1023)
Heavy Higgs Sector of the Two Higgs Doublet Model in the Natural Standard Model Alignment Limit

In order to satisfy the current LHC Higgs data, which require the couplings of the observed 125 GeV Higgs boson to be close to the Standard Model (SM) expectations, any extended Higgs sector must lead to the so-called SM 'alignment limit'. In the context of the Two Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM), this alignment is often associated with either decoupling of the heavy Higgs sector or accidental cancellations in the 2HDM potential. In this talk, we present a symmetry justification for 'natural' alignment without decoupling or fine-tuning. We discuss some phenomenological implications of the Maximally-Symmetric 2HDM and discuss new collider signals for the heavy Higgs sector, which could be searched for during the Run-II phase of the LHC.