Dorota Sokolowska
Speaker affiliation: 
University of Warsaw
Friday, April 4, 2014 - 14:15
Seminar Room, 5001, Build 46
Scalar extensions of the Standard Model: Dark Matter and LHC

Multi-scalar extensions of the Standard Model can accommodate a viable
Dark Matter candidate and modifications of the Higgs decay rates,
particularly into two photons. One of the simplest choices for the
extended scalar sector is the Inert Doublet Model, i.e. the Standard Model
with an additional inert scalar doublet. In this talk I will discuss the
the interplay between the LHC results on the decay of the SM-like Higgs
boson to two photons and the properties of Dark Matter from Planck
measurements. Constraints for the IDM obtained this way are stronger or
comparable to the constraints provided by direct and indirect detection
experiments for low, medium and high Dark Matter mass regions. I will also
comment on further extensions of the scalar sector by additional singlets
or doublets, which may modify the viable DM mass regions