Jad Marrouche
Speaker affiliation: 
Imperial College London
Friday, March 15, 2013 - 16:15
Building 54 (Maths) Lecture Theatre 5A
Latest results from SUSY searches at the LHC: where do we stand?

In this talk, the latest results from CMS and ATLAS on searches for gluino induced and direct third generation SUSY production, in a variety of complementary final state signatures and methods, will be presented using up to 20/fb of data from the 8 TeV LHC run of 2012. SUSY models with relatively light top and bottom squarks are particularly appealing, especially given the recent Higgs-like boson discovery, as they provide a solution to the hierarchy problem. Following this overview, an unofficial interpretation of these results will be presented, with a view to determining universal mass limits on important Natural-like SUSY parameters.