Sacha Davidson
Speaker affiliation: 
IPNL, Universite' de Lion
Friday, March 28, 2014 - 13:15
Building 67 (Nursing) 1003
Dark Matter, Effective Field Theory, and the LHC
The interactions of Dark Matter with nucleons can be probed at the MeV scale in Direct Detection experiments, and at the TeV scale at the LHC. If the dark matter is the only new particle below the TeV, then its interactions with the Standard Model can be parametrised by contact interactions. "Monojet" searches at the LHC have been used to set bounds on contact interactions between dark matter and quarks, and it is sometimes said that these bounds preclude the detection of dark matter in spin-dependent direct detection experiments. However, in an Effective Field Theory parametrisation of unknown new physics, contact interactions between the dark matter and the Higgs or $Z$ should also be allowed for, and these contribute differently at colliders from at low energy. This suggests that the LHC and direct detection experiments are complementary, being sensitive to different combinations of interactions.