SHEP's PhD student Tobias Tsang won a 500£ poster award at the "Fifth Annual DiRAC Science Day". Tobias' poster (you can download a copy here) presents his work on "Simulations of Heavy Quarks in lattice QCD" which he is carrying out with the local lattice QCD research group lead by Prof. Flynn, Dr. Juettner and Prof. Sachrajda in collaboration with researchers from Columbia Universtiy and Brookhaven National Laboratory in the US and from the KEK research lab in Japan.

The posters' abstract:

Lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics (LQCD) is a computational tool in particle physics that allows to provide insight into regimes where perturbative methods fail. Physicists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton, together with colleagues from the USA and Japan are using High Performance Computers to calculate the low energy properties of the Standard model in the strong sector such as masses, form factors and decay constants of hadrons. This work presents our study of the properties of mesons containing the charm (or bottom) quark with the aim to make predictions from first principles about their properties.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015