The Southampton Lattice QCD Group (Prof. Flynn, Dr. Jüttner and Prof. Sachrajda) are hosting a collaboration meeting of the UKQCD-DWF collaboration in Southampton (26/27.09.2019). Collaborators from the University of Edinburgh will visit the Southampton High Energy Physics Group to discuss ongoing and future projects.

Some background information for the collaboration's research:
Quarks are the fundamental particles that make up most of ordinary matter. They are bound together by the strong nuclear force, mediated by the exchange of gluons as described by Quantum Chromo Dynamics. Quarks and gluons are not detected directly in experiments because of confinement; instead we see complicated bound states. By using simulations we are able to relate the bound state properties to those of the underlying degrees of freedom, quarks and gluons. The calculation is performed by constructing a discrete four dimensional space-time grid (the lattice) and solving the QCD path integral on high performance computers.

UKQCD-DWF concentrates on the phenomenology of mesons built out of the u, d, s, c and b quarks (leptonic, semileptonic, hadronic and rare decays, meson mixing, vacuum polarization). Our predictions are crucial input to the interpretation of the data coming in from the experimental facilities like LHCb at CERN, Belle-II at KEK and BES-III at BEPC and hence for the discovery of yet undiscovered new physics. We have reached the era when many quantities can be calculated with all errors controlled at the few percent level and this leads to new theoretical and algorithmical challenges which we will also address.
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Monday, September 9, 2019