SHEP Friday Seminars, Summer term 2001

Our "external" seminars are held on Fridays from 1445 to 1545, usually in Lecture Theatre C (Level 2, Physics building).
Pay attention to the place as it varies from time to time.

Friday 27 April, 2:45pm: Dr Maria Antonia Lledo (Turin - Politecnico)
"Superconformal and SuperPoincare algebra in diverse dimensions and signatures"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 11 May, 2:45pm: Dr Stefania Xella (RAL)
"Recent results from BaBar"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 18 May, 2:45pm: Dr Achille Stocchi (LAL - Orsay)
"Determination of the CKM unitarity triangle parameters"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 25 May, 2:45pm: Dr Paolo Maraner (University of Parma)
"A local self-reducing space-time"
Place: Room 3031, Lancaster Blg

Friday 1 June, 2:45pm: Dr Sacha Davidson (Oxford)
"Determining see-saw parameters from weak scale measurements?"
Place: Shackleton A

Friday 8 June, 2:45pm: Dr Craig McNeile
"Determining the particle content of hadrons from lattice QCD"
Place: Shackleton A

Friday 15 June, 11.00 am: Prof. Chris Sachrajda
First So'ton-RAL joint seminar: "CP violation and the extraction of the CKM parameters"
Place: Conference Room 3 (RAL)

Friday 22 June, 2:45pm: Dr Giuseppe Lacagnina (Edinburgh)
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Organiser: David Lin, ext 2084 and Stefano Arnone, ext 3912

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