SHEP Friday Seminars, Summer term 2002

Our "external" seminars are held on Fridays from 1445 to 1545, usually in Lecture Theatre C (Level 2, Physics building).
Pay attention to the place as it varies from time to time.

Friday 26 April, 2:00pm: Southampton-RAL joint seminar
"B Physics"
Place: RAL

Friday 3 May, 2:45pm: Prof Dmitri Kazakoz (Moscow State University)
"Renormalization Properties of Softly Broken SUSY Gauge Theories"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 10 May, 2:45pm: Prof David Lyth (Lancaster)
"Generating the Primordial Curvature Perturbation without an Inflaton"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 17 May, 2:45pm: Dr Angela Wyatt (UCL)
"Diffraction at high momentum transfer"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 24 May, 2:45pm: Dr Cristiano Germani (Portsmouth)
"String-inspired braneworld cosmology"
Place: Lecture Theatre C, Physics

Friday 31 May, 2:45pm: Dr Dumitru Ghilencea (DAMTP)
"String Threshold Corrections from Field Theory"
Place: Shackleton B

Friday 7 June, 2:45pm: Dr Patricia Ball (IPPP-Durham)
"New Results for Weak Decay Form Factors from QCD Sum Rules on the Light-Cone"
Place: Shackleton B

Friday 14 June, 2:45pm: Dr Alex Kovner (Plymouth)
"Perturbative saturation and the soft Pomeron"
Place: Shackleton B.

Organiser: Martin Kurth, ext 2084 and Stefano Arnone, ext 3912

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