Heavy Flavours 8

Poster Displays

Note added 30 Sep 1999: if you are preparing a writeup of your poster for the proceedings, please see the instructions on the proceedings page.

The Heavy Flavours 8 timetabled scientific programme comprises invited plenary talks only. However, a number of people have expressed interest in presenting their own work at the symposium. We appreciate that in some cases this may help you in obtaining support to attend the meeting. We therefore plan to make some space available for poster presentation. We will not hold a specific poster session, but the display boards will be up for the duration of the symposium, easily accessible during morning, lunchtime and afternoon breaks.

If you are interested in bringing along a poster, please let us know and send us your title. Obviously, we can accept only posters on topics relevant to heavy flavours. It should be possible to fit the equivalent of 9 sheets of A4 paper in a 3 by 3 array onto the display. If necessary, we can send you a written invitation to bring your poster, should you need one to satisfy your local administrators: ask if you need us to do this.

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30 Sep 1999