Heavy Flavours 8 Proceedings


The first column of the table contains links to transparencies: "P" denotes a file supplied by the speaker, while "S" denotes a talk scanned from the presentation made at the symposium. Since some files were supplied in advance, they may not contain late updates and handwritten amendments.

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Written Proceedings

The second column contains links to the proceedings contributions as gzipped postscript files denoted by "P". The tex and eps files making up the contribution can usually be found bundled into a gzipped tar file denoted "T". The official proceedings are at JHEP.

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Monday 26 July
Session 1
S P or T I Rothstein NRQCD: a critical review hep-ph/9911276
S P or T C Michael Quarkonia and hybrids from the lattice hep-ph/9911219
S P or T K Seth Quarkonium and hybrids: experimental
Session 2
P P or T L Lellouch Exclusive semileptonic B decays: lattice results and dispersive bounds hep-ph/9912353
P P or T V Braun QCD sum rules for heavy flavours hep-ph/9911206
S P or T N Stanton E791 Form factors in charm meson semileptonic decays
Session 3
P P or T K Ecklund CLEO Semileptonic B decays from CLEO hep-ex/9912034
P P or T M Calvi DELPHI |Vcb| and |Vub| measurements at LEP
Session 4
S P or T H Yamamoto CLEO Charm counting and B semileptonic branching fraction hep-ph/9912308
P P or T H Cheung E831-FOCUS Review of charm lifetimes hep-ex/9912021
P(ppt) P or T S Donati CDF Experimental status of b hadron lifetimes
S   M Shifman Quark-hadron duality
Tuesday 27 July
Session 1
S P or T C Greub Theory of rare B meson decays hep-ph/9911348
P P or T D Jaffe CLEO Recent results on rare b decays hep-ex/9910055
  P or T A Masiero, O Vives B physics beyond the standard model
Session 2
S P or T L Silvestrini Theory of nonleptonic B decays hep-ph/9911269
P or S P or T Y Kubota CLEO Experimental results on hadronic b decays
P P or T B Meadows E791 Experimental results on hadronic c decays
Session 3
S P or T S Hashimoto Summary of lattice results for decay constants, mixing, etc
P P or T M Daoudi SLD Review of B-Bbar mixing results hep-ex/9911027
P P or T P Sheldon E831-FOCUS Charm mixing and rare decays hep-ex/9912016
Session 4
P(ppt) P or T D Bortoletto CDF The measurement of sin (2beta) hep-ex/9912002
S P or T I Dunietz On determining CKM angles alpha and beta hep-ph/0001099
S P or T M Neubert Determination of the weak phase gamma = arg(Vub*) hep-ph/9910530
Wednesday 28 July
Session 1
P P or T P Nason Heavy flavour production
P or P(pdf) P or T K Sumorok CDF Onium and b production at the Tevatron
P P or T J Russ E781-SELEX Recent charm hadroproduction results from fixed target experiments
P P or T F Sefkow H1 ep physics with heavy flavours hep-ph/9911495
Session 2
S P or T M Beneke Perturbative heavy quark-antiquark systems hep-ph/9911490
P P or T V Ciulli ALEPH Spectroscopy of excited b and c states hep-ex/9911044
S   G Martinelli Quark masses
Session 3
S P or T M Davier ALEPH Hadronic tau decays and QCD hep-ex/9912044
P P or T A Weinstein CLEO Tau electroweak Couplings hep-ex/9911002
Session 4
P or S P or T E Simmons Top theories hep-ph/9908488
P or P(ppt) P or pdf G Watts D0 Summary of experimental top quark results
Thursday 29 July
Session 1
P P or T P Lubrano NA48 First measurement of Re(epsilon'/epsilon) from NA48
  P or T A Barker KTeV KTeV measurement of Re(epsilon'/epsilon) and review of recent results on rare kaon decays
P P or T M Jamin Theoretical status of epsilon'/epsilon hep-ph/9911390
Session 2: Facilities: status and prospects
P P or T R Waldi BaBar Status of the BaBar experiment
P(pdf) and S P or T S Suzuki Belle Status of Belle
  P or T E Gerndt HERA-B Status of HERA-B in the summer of 1999
    R Jesik D0 b-physics potential of Tevatron Run II
P P or T N Harnew LHCb The B physics potential of LHCb, BTeV, ATLAS and CMS
Session 3
P P or T S Plaszczynski Overall determination of the CKM matrix hep-ph/9911280
P(ppt) and S P or T S Stone Future of heavy flavour physics: experimental perspective hep-ph/9910417
S P or T J Ellis Future of heavy flavour physics hep-ph/9910404
  P or T S Donati CDF All Hadronic B Decay Trigger with the CDF Silicon Vertex Tracker
  P or T S Fajfer et al FCNC transition c -> u gamma in Bc -> B*u gamma decay hep-ph/9911389
  P or T D-S Hwang Sensitivity of B and D meson decays to their transition form factors
  P or T C-J D Lin, L Lellouch Neutral B meson mixing and decay constants from lattice QCD hep-ph/9912322
  P or T I Narodetskii The parton-like model and photon energy spectra in B decays
  P or T I Scimemi Magnetic moments of heavy baryons
  P or T L Tikhonova Studies of charm production at the Serpukhov accelerator: an experimental data review
  P or T T Zivko HERA-B B meson tagging and identification with the HERA-B RICH

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