2001 IoP Meeting Computing Arrangements

We have booked priority access at the Avenue Campus to a room with 32 PC workstations. A further 62 PCs are available in adjacent rooms. In addition there are some self-service network connections to which you may plug in your own computers.

Southampton University Computing Services require all people using their systems to have an account and sign a piece of paper to agree to conditions of use. You can sign up when you register and will be given a username and password for the duration of the meeting. About 15 of the accounts will be for combined self-service and workstation access, the rest for workstation use only.

Instructions for the self-service connections:

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 95
  • linux: your machine should pick up an IP address using DHCP
  • Note for linux users: the University normally has packet filters in place which mean that once you get an IP address you still won't be able to get anywhere (they assume you are using Windows and subsequently connect to an RAS server). However, these filters should be removed for the duration of the IoP meeting.
    Last updated: 2 Apr 2001