2001 IoP Meeting Programme

Tuesday 3 April
Session 1
1300-1330 Coffee  
1330 PPARC Particle Physics Town Meeting  
Session 2
1830-2100 Reception  
1830-2100 Poster session  
Wednesday 4 April
Session 1 (Chair: Norman McCubbin)
0900-0910 Welcome address Chris Sachrajda
0910-0955 Higgs at LEP [ps 28Mb!] Bill Murray
0955-1040 Linear Colliders [pdf] David Miller
1040-1100 Coffee  
Session 2
1100-1230 Parallel session I  
1230-1400 Lunch  
1330-1400 IoP HEPP AGM  
Session 3A (Chair: Neville Harnew)
1400-1445 The High Energy Frontier: Physics at HERA and the Tevatron David Waters
1445-1530 First Results from RHIC Wit Busza
Session 3B (Chair: Douglas Ross)
1400-1445 String Theory [pdf] Luis Alvarez-Gaume
1445-1530 Physics Opportunities at a Neutrino Factory Steve King
1530-1600 Tea  
Session 4 (Chair: Graham Ross)
1600-1640 Heavy Quarks Martin Beneke
1640-1720 SNO News is Good News [ps 19Mb!] Steve Biller
1720-1800 Dark Matter Joe Silk
Session 5
1830 Public Lecture: How Well Can We Understand the Physical Universe? Gordy Kane
2015 Conference dinner  
Thursday 5 April
Session 1 (Chair: Chris Sachrajda)
0900-0945 Beyond the Standard Model [pdf] John Ellis
0945-1030 CP Results from BaBar: the BaBarians are coming [ppt] Neil Geddes
1030-1100 Coffee  
Session 2
1100-1230 Parallel session II  
1230-1330 Lunch  
Session 3
1330-1500 Parallel session III  
1500-1530 Tea  
Session 4 (Chair: Steve King)
1530-1600 Particle EDMs and CP Violation Mike Pendlebury
1600-1645 Interpreting Clues to Physics Beyond the Standard Model [pdf] Gordy Kane

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