Antonio Carcamo
Speaker affiliation: 
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Friday, June 5, 2015 - 13:15
Building 44 (Shackleton) - Lecture Theatre B (44/1057)
Fermion mass and mixing hierarchy in multiHiggs models with discrete flavor symmetries

In the first part of my talk I will discuss a renormalizable multi-Higgs model with A4xZ2xZ2’ symmetry, which successfully describes lepton masses and mixings. In that model the light neutrino masses are generated via a radiative seesaw mechanism with a single heavy Majorana neutrino and neutral scalars running in the loops. The second part of my talk is devoted to the discussion of a SU(5) GUT model with A4xZ2xZ2’xZ2’’xU(1) flavor symmetry, which is an extension of the aforementioned A4 multi Higgs model, and that successfully accounts for the pattern of fermion masses and mixings. In the third part of my talk I will discuss a SU(5)xZ2xZ2’xZ2’’xZ4xZ12 grand unification model, which successfully describes the observed SM fermion and mixing pattern. The light neutrino masses are generated via a type I seesaw mechanism with three heavy Majorana neutrinos. The model predictions for both quark and lepton sectors are in excellent agreement with the experimental data.