The University of Southampton

SHEP Friday Seminar - Yasaman Yazdi - Entanglement Entropy from Spacetime Two-Point Correlation Functions - Event

7th of October, 2022  @  13:00 - 14:15
46/5081 and on Teams

Event details

​Entanglement entropy of quantum fields is a topic of growing importance in several areas such as quantum gravity, condensed matter physics, and quantum information. In this talk I will review a formulation of entanglement entropy for Gaussian theories, in terms of the spacetime two-point correlation function. One of the attractive features of this formulation is that it makes it possible to use a UV cutoff that is spacetime in nature. I will discuss applications of this formulation in settings in both continuum spacetimes and discrete causal sets, as well as extensions to non-Gaussian and interacting theories.

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