The University of Southampton

SHEP Friday Seminar - Nicolas Garron - RI/IMOM: Extending the Rome-Southampton method - Event

9th of June, 2023  @  13:00 - 14:15
Room 46/5081 and Microsoft Teams

Event details

Hadronic matrix elements evaluated on the lattice can be converted to a continuum scheme such as MSbar using intermediate non-perturbative renormalisation schemes. A very popular choice is to employ the Rome-Southampton method, i.e. RI/MOM and its variants. In this work we explore various choices of kinematics which define non-exceptional interpolating momentum schemes (IMOM). Using flavour non-singlet quark bilinears, we compute the renormalisation factors of the quark mass and wave function for nf=3 flavours of dynamical quarks. We show our numerical results and discuss the potential of these schemes.

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