Hugo Prager
Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 13:00
Building 46, seminar room (5th floor)
Model-independent study of vector-like quarks scenarios

Vector-like quarks (VLQs) are particular kind of quark that are predicted by many models beyond the Standard Model. Scenarios featuring VLQs present an interesting phenomenology and can be divided in two different types: the ones where the VLQs decays into visible particle (typically a boson and a SM quark) and the one where VLQs decay into a Dark Matter (DM) particle and a SM quark. In both case it is possible to constraints the free parameters of the models (masses and couplings) using experimental data. In this talk I will present and discuss the general framework of our study of VLQs, I will then present the program I am working which allow us to get an exclusion level from a given model featuring VLQs using LHC constraints, and the new tools that we want to add to it, especially the relic density calculation for VLQ decaying to DM. Finally I will discuss the improvements we want to implement to the program and present a comparison of similar final states for VLQ and SUSY models.