Screenshot for shep theme Name: Andreas Jüttner
Job title: Principal Research Fellow/ERC Starting Grant
Room: 46/5069
Office Phone: +44 (0)23 8059 7343
Email: juettner AT soton.ac.uk
Private homepage: link
Publications: INSPIRE
Address: School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
  • ERC Starting Grant group
    post docs and PhD Students:
    • Jamess Harrison
    • Andrew Lawson
    • Edwin Lizarazo
    • Matt Mostert
    • James Richings

    former members:

    • Marina Marinkovic
    • Francesco Sanfilippo
    • Matt Spraggs
    • Justus Tobias Tsang
  • Research interests:
    • lattice QCD
      • light meson phenomenology (semi-leptonic and EM form factors, meson-structure, decay constants)
      • muon anomalous magnetic moment (hadronic contributions)
      • heavy-light physics (static approximation, relativistic heavy quarks)
      • non-perturbative renormalisation
    • (chiral) effective theory
    • renormalisation group techniques
    • Flavia Net Lattice Averaging Group FLAG
Next seminar:
Speaker Title Date Room
Arsenii Titov Leptonic CP Violation from Discrete Flavour Symmetries Fri, 23/02/2018 - 13:00 Seminar Room
Past and upcoming seminars:
Next seminar:
Speaker Title Date Room
Hynek Paul & Kazem Bitaghsir Fadafan Unmixing Supergravity: the double-trace spectrum in planar N=4 SYM & The cosmic QCD phase transition and its gravitational waves from holography Tue, 20/02/2018 - 12:00 Seminar room (46/5081)
Past and upcoming seminars:


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