The University of Southampton

The main idea of CalcHEP is to enable one to go directly from the Lagrangian to the cross sections and distributions effectively, with a high level of automation. The package can be compiled on any Unix platform.


HERWIG is a Fortran Monte Carlo package for simulating Hadron Emission Reactions With Interfering Gluons.


HEPMDB was created to facilitate connection between High Energy theory and experiment, and it is a tool to store and validate and explore models of particle physics. The ultimate goal of HEPMDB is to instrument identification of the fundamental theory responsible for signals expected at the LHC.


SUtree is Mathematica-based software package and database for the investigation of discrete subgroups of SU(3).


XQCAT - eXtra Quark Combined Analysis Tool - is a tool able to determine exclusion Confidence Levels (eCLs) for scenarios of new physics characterised by the presence of one or multiple heavy extra quarks with generic couplings to Standard Model states.